Port of DeFi Network System Overview

The Port of DeFi Network is an Ethereum-based decentralized asset value exchange, interactive financial services network designed to act as a port of call between Ethereum assets and real-world assets, using Price Oracle as data support for DeFi's underlying lending protocols, enabling real-world assets to be collateralized in the cryptocurrency asset markets, along with cryptocurrencies, and other assets.

Investors are able to easily lend digital currencies for interest income, while borrowers are able to make short-term loans by using their real-world assets as digital currency investments. The result is a truly secure, free and transparent multi-asset value exchange between real-world assets and digital currencies, providing economic freedom and investment freedom to any individual worldwide.

All users can use the Port of DeFi network system network to mortgage / borrow assets to generate PDFs. PDFs are soft-anchored Ethereum secured cryptocurrency units and their issuance is decentralized.

Project Mission

Port of DeFi Network is committed to building a permanent, fair and equitable DeFi ecosystem, rebuilding a network for social and financial order, creating a real value interchange between personal real assets and digital assets, steadily increasing investor assets, making the social order more transparent and equitable, making credit more reliable, and making the global economic balance stronger.

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