Asset Collateral / Loan Agreement

Port of DeFi Network is a digital money marketplace protocol established on Ethereum blockchain. Digital money marketplace is an asset pool with an algorithm derived interest rate based on asset supply and demand. Suppliers (and borrowers) of assets interact directly with the agreement to earn (and pay) floating interest rates without having to negotiate items such as term, interest rates or collateral with peers or counterparties.

In brief:

When the system issues mortgage / loan agreement, the system automatically matches the system data through ORACLE. As an ideal service, ORACLE itself can be approximately a distributed system. In other words, instead of a single monolithic Oracle node O, we can have a set of n different Oracle nodes O1, O2. .., On. Each Oracle Oi associates its own set of different data sources that may or may not overlap with other system commands. Oi aggregates the responses from its data sources and outputs its own different answers Ai to the query Req.

Algorithm 1 InChainAgg({Oi}ni=1) (code for PDF Network-SC)
1: Wait until Req is received from USER-SC.
2: sid ←$ SID
3: Broadcast (request,sid).
4: Wait until set C of 2f + 1 messages (commit, ci = Commitri (Ai),sid) from distinct Oi are received.
5: Broadcast (committed,sid).
6: Wait until set D of f + 1 distinct valid decommitments (decommit,(ri , Ai),sid) are received where, for some A, all Ai = A. 7: Send (Answer, A,sid) to USER-SC.